Fund Audit Services

Fund Audit Services

Fibact Professionals audit following class of funds:
  • Hedge Fund.
  • Private Equity Funds.
  • Mutual Funds.
  • Fund of Funds
  • Crypto Funds

Types of Audits:
  • Internal Audit.
  • External Audit.
  • Government Audit or IRS (Internal Revenue Services) Audit.
Fibact provides service for External Audit, External audits focus on efficiency and company compliance. All audit-related records are checked by external auditors to ensure that there are no errors in the financial statements. This is important to investors and for regulatory requirements. External auditors are not affiliated with the audited company and provide impartial audits to the company.

External Audit Process
  • Planning Stage
  • Evidence Gathering Stage
  • Completion Stage
Audit Preparation Services

Audit Preparation Services

  • Audit Substantive Tests
  • Risk Assessments Tests
  • Tests of Detailed Balances
  • Dual Purpose Tests
  • Analytical procedure Tests

Audit Substantive Tests Includes:
  • Cash testing
  • Broker Report testing
  • Investment Portfolio Report testing
  • Expenses and Unrecorded Liabilities testing
  • Capital Allocation Schedule testing
  • Realized/Unrealized-Income/Loss testing
  • Analytical Review of financial statements testing
  • Reconciling the Equity testing
  • Cash flow testing