At FIBACT, we cover all areas of US Tax compliance for Individuals, Startups & Small/Medium enterprises.

Our services include - 
  • Individual Federal and State Tax Return preparation
  • Small Business Tax Return Preparation
  • Corporate and Partnership Tax Returns with International filing
  • Expat Tax Return Preparation
  • Streamlined filing compliance procedure
  • Foreign Bank Account Reporting
  • FATCA Reporting

Expat Tax Return Services

All individuals deemed as US persons are obligated to file annual income tax returns, reporting their worldwide income to the IRS along with all relevant supporting forms. 
An Individual is considered as US persons, if they are US citizens, Green card holders or if they meet the criteria of being a Tax Resident, no matter where they physically reside.
FIBACT renders service to US persons residing in India by helping them prepare, file and comply with their US and Indian Income tax returns.