Tax consultants are experts in providing commercially-focused tax advice and tax services to a wide range of clients who operate in all sectors of the economy. This involves devising tax-efficient strategies for multinational and domestic based clients in diverse business situations, including mergers, takeovers and corporate reconstructions. Tax consultants work continually to help ensure that their clients make the best business decisions in the light of fiscal change and development.

In addition, they monitor and anticipate changes to tax legislation and respond quickly with advice specific to their clients’ particular commercial requirements. FIBACT helps clients with all aspects of U.S. Tax planning, structuring, cross-border taxation and any tax issues.

Our services include:
  • Entity Setup
  • Corporate Re-structuring - Spin Offs and Tax-Free Reorganizations
  • Type of restructuring suitable for NOL transfer
  • Structuring and re-structuring group of entities
  • Reorganization of entities with S Corporation, Partnership and C Corporation with Cross Border operations
  • Subpart F Income, Controlled Foreign Corporation, GILTI Tax provisions and Transition Tax
  • Tax Impact due to election or revocation under Subchapter S (S Corporation)
  • Reduced corporate tax rate and Deemed Foreign Tax Credit on Subpart F, GILTI and Transition Tax scenario.
  • PFIC - Suggestions on tax matters like QEF or MTM election
  • Cross border transactions and withholding requirements
  • Consultations on U.S State Tax Optimization - Payroll and Income tax
  • Gifts, Inheritance and Estate Taxes